Collaborating with : GITANO FAMILY

For the opening song of his second album, “Les Naufragés,” Philippe & Gabriel wanted to incorporate their heartfelt love for gypsy guitars and vocals into the rock composition. They had the privilege of collaborating with Lucas on guitar and Julio on vocals from the renowned French band Gitano Family, who delivered a beautiful arrangement. Lucas’s guitar solo is a captivating and energetic melody that will stay with you long after hearing it. Julio’s powerful vocals enhance the lyrics and melodies written by Philippe & Gabriel, creating an unforgettable musical experience.

If you’re interested in guitar playing, make sure to check out Lucas’s famous YouTube channel, where he showcases his skills through covers. Don’t miss the opportunity to subscribe for some guitar lessons:

Gitano Family is a vibrant and dynamic French band known for their energetic performances and fusion of musical genres. Drawing inspiration from Django Reinhardt’s iconic style, they infuse Gypsy jazz, Latin rhythms, and world music with modern influences, resulting in a captivating and unique sound. Their performances are characterized by infectious melodies, lively rhythms, and virtuosic improvisations that transport audiences into a world of joyful celebration. From traditional Gypsy jazz classics to original compositions and reimagined popular songs, Gitano Family’s repertoire is diverse and exciting. With their exceptional musicianship and tight-knit musical chemistry, featuring guitar, violin, accordion, bass, and percussion, they create a captivating live experience filled with infectious energy, audience interaction, and irresistible grooves. Gitano Family has enthralled audiences at numerous music festivals, concert venues, and cultural events across France and beyond. Their dynamic interplay between instruments creates an engaging and immersive performance. Continually captivating with their passionate and exuberant shows, Gitano Family has established themselves as a prominent force in the vibrant French music scene.

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