Recording Flutes and Violas with : ALI SEHIR

Philippe & Gabriel always wanted to collaborate with Ali Sehir and add some eastern vibe to his music through Ali very interesting Violas and Clarinet lines.

Ali Sehir is living in Izmir Turkey. He started his professional music education at Ege University Turkish Traditional Music Conservatory. He focused on playing clarinet, saxophone and learning Turkish traditional music theory. He has been touring extensively and collaborated with many well known artists.

Philippe & Gabriel approached him at the early stage of the song “La Nuit” and they did not succeed to collaborate yet as the song was in a too early draft stage, still very folk and did not meet with the generic vibe the artist was after. It is only three months later once Flamenco guitars were added that the door of creativity opened and Philippe & Gabriel contacted him again. Ali wrote those amazing melodies and did create an improvised outro that fits the song so well and brings it to another very different level. They did also work together in another song which might be released on a future album. What a talented artist!


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