In the Studio with Toby from : TOBYMUSIC PRODUCTIONS

Philippe & Gabriel had the opportunity to connect with the award-winning music producer, songwriter, and musician from Tobymusic Productions, in March 2021. Toby’s unique boutique studio concept offered a valuable proposition that allowed Philippe & Gabriel to be more involved in the production process and leverage Toby’s experience in the music field. Working closely together enabled them to discuss ideas, refine their songs, and bring Philippe & Gabriel artistic vision to life.

Toby Farrugia’s patience and dedication played a crucial role in tackling even the most ambitious tracks, such as “Chacun Pour Soi.” This composition boasted an impressive 80 musical tracks, featuring many harmonies and choirs sung by Philippe & Gabriel. The seamless integration of an African prayer sample within the song further exemplified Toby’s exceptional work. In fact, listeners are challenged to identify the precise starting and ending points of the sample, an impressive testament to Toby Farrugia’s masterful production skills.

As the owner of Tobymusic Productions, Toby Farrugia has established himself as a reputable music producer, entrepreneur, and artist since 2003. His studio specializes in collaborating with individual artists, film directors and game creators, capturing their unique talents and emotions and translating them into captivating musical pieces. With a diverse background spanning through all genres, Toby utilizes his extensive expertise to create exceptional and one-of-a-kind productions. With Toby’s self-taught proficiency in piano, drums, bass, and guitar, coupled with his ability to read sheet music, he possesses a deep understanding and command of musical composition.

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