Introducing Medieval instruments with : Reuben Monteiro

Philippe & Gabriel sought a more raw and atmospheric sound for their second album, “Les Naufragés.” They reached out to Ruben Monteiro to explore the incorporation of medieval instruments into their song “Le Verre à la Main,” aiming to create a film music-like ambiance. Ruben’s contribution included the haunting tones of the Hurdy Gurdy, which can be heard towards the end of the song “Marianne,” adding depth to the orchestral score and the rich choirs recorded by Philippe & Gabriel. Additionally, Ruben composed two captivating solos for the Arab Oud, featured prominently in the song, along with rhythmic Oud sections that contribute to its unique sonic character.

Ruben Monteiro is a multi-instrumentalist, producer, and composer known for his diverse musical projects. From progressive rock to fusion and modal music, Ruben’s wide-ranging work showcases his versatility. With a background in classical guitar and a special interest in ancient cultures and music, he has studied Eastern and Western Modal Music extensively. Ruben is skilled in playing instruments like the Turkish Baglama, Arab Oud, Afghan Rubab, and Hurdy Gurdy.

As a composer, Ruben has created numerous works, including progressive rock, metal, and world music compositions. He has also worked as a producer and sound engineer on many of his projects. Ruben’s music often features instruments such as the Afghan Rubab, Arab Oud, Saz Baglama, Hurdy-gurdy, and Electric Guitar. Ruben has performed worldwide, captivating audiences with his solo performances and collaborations. In addition to his composition and performance work, Ruben excels as a producer and session musician. He has contributed to soundtracks, radio jingles, and full album productions, showcasing his recording, mixing, and mastering skills. Through his studio “West Wave Studio,” Ruben collaborates with musicians from around the world.


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