Giving a Flamenco touch : introducing the guitarist ARTURO RAMON

“La Nuit” started as a standard folk song, the funny story of a man in love like many others light romantic songs. Then the chorus developed and behind the smiles unfolded another theme, the suffering of not being loved back. In order to keep the balance between the sadness and the more upbeat parts Philippe & Gabriel came with the idea to sing a piece in Spanish and highlight it with some percussions that have been played with non-other than Daniel Sadownick. The song could have stayed as is, but the story had it otherwise. Tiptoeing around for collaborations Philippe & Gabriel looked for Flamenco artists and started to brainstorm with the very talented guitarist Arturo Ramon on writing a guitar solo.

Arturo Ramon began performing, both as solo guitarist and as accompanist to flamenco song and dance with groups such as Primos del Norte, NL Mundo, Algo Así, Flamenkika and The Hungry Gods. These performances took him to tour extensively Western Europe. Since 2003 Arturo has been performing annually in theatre tours with the group La Primavera led by dancer Mascha Meijman. His debut album as a solo guitarist, Matices, came out in 2005, followed by the CD Doce Meses with Primos del Norte, featuring percussion by Udo Demand and song by Erminia Fernández Córdoba. He had many collaborations in the following years that drove him to continue touring and playing with established artists. He released his 2nd album Contrastes in 2019.
The material he wrote for the song La Nuit was very energic and emotional. He developed strong themes and melodies and soon Philippe & Gabriel was using some guitar parts to re-invent an introduction starting an online jam exchanging ideas. Following these collaborations, the song took a very different turn for a latin vibe.

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