Recording in Senegal with : OMBRE ZION

The last song Philippe & Gabriel wrote for the album is about our fathers and elders, their legacy  At the time of the songwriting his father was critically ill in the hospital. As he has been living in African during the last years of his life, Philippe & Gabriel decided for “La Memoire” to use some African folk elements and mix them with a traditional folk acoustic guitar and vocal. More than giving it a feel he wanted it to be part embedded in the song and go beyond using African percussions and instruments but collaborate with a singer using the question – answer that is common in traditional African music.
Philippe & Gabriel has been very lucky to meet Karismatik and he agreed to join the project and recorded the various artists in his studio in Senegal during 2020. He introduced Philippe & Gabriel to Ombré Zion who kindly agreed to sing some of the lines Philippe & Gabriel wrote for the backing vocals but took it to another level when writing some solo parts text and music. His beautiful melodies and very interesting rhythm signature have transformed this song and Philippe & Gabriel felt very grateful to have had the chance to meet and collaborate with Ombre and Karismatik.
The outro part of the song “La Memoire” which I called “An African Prayer” is a mix of classical and African instruments and voices. Philippe & Gabriel  wrote it as he was facing my father passing and wanted to channel emotions in the song. Great and very emotional contribution from Ombré on this part again!


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