Recording with Colombian singer : ANA MILENARIA

Philippe & Gabriel invited teh Colombian singer Ana Milenaria to feature in his song No me Importa. Impressed by her versatile register from Jazz to traditional he thought she would be a right fit for playing the role of the angry woman from the song.

Ana Milenaria is a Colombian singer-songwriter and composer with a diverse musical background, she has collaborated as a singer, improviser, composer, and performer in numerous independent projects and with renowned urban music bands. She has been part of the Big Band Javeriana of Bogotá and has worked on musical productions with acclaimed Bogota bands such as Piangua, Cachicamo, La payara, Denuedo, Conjuro Epiléctico, and Folklorika. She has received important musical and artistic recognitions in composition and interpretation calls such as Ibermúsicas, One Beat, Idartes, RSMLAC, and others.

Currently based in Malta, Ana Milenaria is exploring new sounds and making her mark in the European music scene. She will be participating in the XVI Earth Garden Festival with her Colombian group Son Gaia and her duo Ana Milenaria & Alejandro. Additionally, she is in the production of her debut solo album titled “Liebre Roja,” where she showcases her talents as a singer-songwriter, director, and arranger.

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