The Recording of a Siren chant : ALIA FAY

For a new song Philippe & Gabriel was looking for a singer who could take the role of a siren. Someone who could cover both a seductive role attracting sailors at sea but also could turn into a menacing chant. After some investigations he met Alia Fay online.
Alia Fay is a Polish artist. She was about to release her debut album “Alienka” which has been following a similar process than Philippe & Gabriel first release “Les Rivières Folk” a passion project she spent many years crafting. She created a very interesting blend of styles and genres surfing between fairy pop, fantasy pop, and opening to other influences: Celtic, Electronics. She is presenting her work through the lenses of three pillars: journey, transformation and magic. Her influences range from artists such as Grimes, Lana del Rey or Enya, as well as her passion for ambient, psychill, Asian, movies soundtracks and classical music.
She delivered some passionate vocals for the album, sending various takes of intertwined melodies. In the studio with the great producer Toby Farrugia in the process of integrating her vocals into the song, Philippe & Gabriel decided to transform the song. He included a new section to feature her voice that would sounds like a movie soundtrack to highlight the powerful and magic voice of Alia.

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