Recording a horn section with : JOSUE GARCIA GARCIA

Philippe & Gabriel, the artist behind the music, was in search of a rawer sound for his new album, “Les Naufragés.” He collaborated with Josué Garcia Garcia to translate the trumpet and trombone arrangements he had written for “Les Paroles en L’air” and “Chanson pour mon Chat.” Josué contributed a fantastic solo on “Les Paroles.”

Josué García García (April 28, 1985) holds a Bachelor’s degree in Sports Science and Physical Education, and a Superior Diploma in Modern Music with a specialization in jazz trumpet. Currently, Josué García is the manager of his own music services company, Josué García Serveis Musicals, where he leads more than five different musical groups and is a full member of numerous formations in his region. In October 2017, he founded his own High Performance Music Center “I Play,” where he continues to teach improvisation, trumpet, and music theory to this day. As a studio musician, he has recorded thousands of tracks nationally and internationally. In 2018, he published the book “Living from Music: A Practical Guide” with the aim of motivating and helping anyone who feels the desire to make a living from their passion for music.

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