Recording a Flamenco singer : AZAHAR LOPEZ

Following the recording of a Flamenco guitars solo and intro I had in mind to include another vocal line that would highlight the genre and make it stand out from other songs on the album. I contacted singer Azahar López who kindly agreed to embark on this online collaboration.  Azahar Lopez has worked with different musicians and DJ productors such as Juan Verdera, Atfunk, Franco de Mulero, Deep Wave, Global Radio, Ibiza Symphonic Band, Coque Malla (The Ronaldos) and Paco Fernández. She is a Resident singer in the Ibiza Hard Rock Hotel. Dont miss the song she released under her name as a solo artist and some rock songs she released with her band ‘Alamar’.

For the song La Nuit it took very few takes for her to deliver these beautiful vocal lines that bridges the solo to the outro. She then improvised further giving some depth to the song through her passionate voice. Once again feeling very grateful to have had the chance to have Azahar contributing to the album.    




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