Layering Guitar tracks with : MEIR SHITRIT

For his new songs Philippe & Gabriel was looking for an acoustic and electric guitar player who would not only write great melodies but also build sound landscapes and harmonies that would blend in the rich structure of his rich style. He met Meir Shitrit and started an online collaboration on several songs.
Israeli-born guitarist Meir Shitrit sounds is a well-crafted, multi-ethnic hybrid showing mostly on his Middle Eastern roots, featuring his virtuosic work on guitars, bouzouki, saz, bass, and lap steel guitar. He released an album on his name ‘Way’. A virtuosic instrumentalist, Shitrit proposes multi-layered songs and soundscapes, with multiple harmonies floating behind simple melodies, with instruments from the Jew’s harp, violins, flutes, to saxophones, and smooth, usually wordless vocals. Like guitarists Daniel Lanois and Bill Frisell, Meir Shitrit is a studio wizard, weaving acoustic sounds together and juicing them with programming.
His work on ‘Aux Armes’ the new song of Philippe & Gabriel that will be released Autumn 2022 is quite impressive

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